Presently I live in Copenhagen but have lived in The Pyrénées-Orientales from 2003 – 2018 and have had a home there since 1997.

I have a solid experience and knowledge about settling and living in the South of France: Public Administration – including tax-authorities, Culture and Society, and of course manners and social conventions.

I know The Pyrénées-Orientales very well including it’s capital Perpignan. I also know the neighbour departments Aude og Herault.

If your problem aren’t covered by the mentions here, don’t hesitate to contact me anyway – we’ll find a solution!


Birgitte Sørensen
Born 1958
Studied at Copenhagen Business School
Employed in the financial sector from 1986 – 2003. From 2003 domiciled in The South of France.
Freelance translator

VAT Registration no. 33742703