Translation and Interpretation
Assisting in meetings, discussions or consultations which are of importance to you, and where the language should be no obstacle for a good communication.

If you receive letters that you don’t understand from a French authority or business, you can send it to me, I will translate as well as ensure a follow up on the matter.

Real Estate
If you have decided to buy a property in France, I can assist you linguistically through all the phases of the process. I have a thorough knowledge of Real Estate Business in France and I do work as interpreter at meetings when signing the “Compromis de Vente” or ” l’Acte finale”.

Contact to Authorities
If you have decided to live in France, you can’t avoid the french bureaucracy. In that case I can help you with the filling out of forms and documents as well as assisting at meetings.

Filling out a french tax declaration for the first time can be confusing, but I assist in that matter as well.

Supply contracts
Electricity, water, telephone and internet are vital and I can assist you in taking contact to the relevant authorities-businesses – and make sure that supplies are established. As regards Internet I will help with find the offer that suits your needs the best

Bank and Insurance
You will need a french bank account, and I can assist in establishing a contact, participate in the meeting and finding the papers nescessary for opening an account.
And the same as regards the required insurances.

Repair and renovation
From time to time we need an artisan and I can help by finding one and assist with translation in connection with meetings, offers etc.

Property Service
Leaving your house for longer periods or renting it out? And want some help for all the practical matters? I will take care of cleaning and organizing the shift between rentals or at your arrival/departure – and looking after it while you’re away.